On a drive from Cheyenne to Denver, Dr. Larry Eklund found his gas tank on empty, and pulled off in the small town of Wellington to fill up. When he did, he found a town with a great view of the Rockies and a comfortable, hometown atmosphere. He drove around a bit, and immediately knew this was the place he would soon call home.

In 2004, he opened Wellington Eye Care in an effort to provide superior services to local residents who would otherwise travel about half an hour or more for an eye appointment. Now, the small town of Wellington is becoming a regional leader in total eye care and diagnostics. In 2008, the Optometric Imaging Center opened at Wellington Eye Care. The Center is a diagnostic hub where other area eye care professionals can refer their own patients for advanced imaging.

This leading technology helps predict eye diseases and set a path toward preventive treatment. These advances in the way eye care is delivered help improve vision in people of all ages. This is the place to be — for professional, personal, and accurate care that really makes a difference.